The Therapeutic Communication and Mental Health Assessment: Knowledge and Practice resource includes three innovative online learning modules and a virtual interactive game, designed to augment the teaching of therapeutic communication and mental health assessment skills. With this resource, learners will have access to learning environments to 'practice' new skills, techniques and critical thinking in a virtual environment.

In a virtual simulation that replicates a real-life situation, learners will practice their skills in a setting that is realistic and make clinical choices in a safe environment. The modules and virtual interactive game have the potential to improve the learners' retention of knowledge and promote active learning, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

This is a collaborative project involving nurses and professors from George Brown College, Centennial College and Toronto Metropolitan University.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successfully working through the modules and the simulation, you will be able to:

  • Complete an evidence-based mental health assessment with a simulated client.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of therapeutic communication and its application to crisis intervention.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mental health assessment and its application to crisis intervention.


Work through the modules before starting the game or go directly into the game to evaluate your understanding.


Use this resource to help students understand the sensitive and unique aspects of therapeutic communication and mental health.

It can be used for teaching new concepts, supplemental support, remediation and/or practical application of skills required by nurses.